About Us

The Investigators Group Inc. was established in Toronto in 1995, by Sean Gladney, CEO. We serve the legal, insurance and corporate communities as well as individuals through our civil and executive services. Our firm is, and all of our investigators are, customer services oriented.

We are here to provide your Investigative Solution. Whether it is the protection of assets, reduction of risk, reduction of costs, increase in productivity or access to information and evidence, we can provide the appropriate Investigative Solution. The Investigators Group Inc.'s investigative teams are recognized as one of the best in the industry, providing the best Investigative Solution for insurance claims, WSIB matters, human resources and litigation support.

The Investigators Group is committed to customer service. You will never hear the phone ring more than 3 times during business hours and a real person will always answer the telephone. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario we provide useful and timely private investigations and surveillance services.

When you choose The Investigators Group, you are choosing a company you can rely on. Case after case, we have earned the reputation as the investigation company that gets the job done right the first time. Our investigators are long-term employees and at The Investigators Group, we have the lowest turnover of investigative staff of any company in the industry. Why? Because we treat our investigators well and respect the difficult work that they do.

About Sean Gladney

Sean Gladney is a licensed private investigator in the Province of Ontario since 1990. Sean is an experienced, thoughtful and skilled professional, trusted by many clients. 

Sean is a designated Canadian Human Rights investigator. During the course of his career he has been involved in a variety of workplace harassment, discrimination, and accommodation investigations. He is an experienced insurance and corporate investigator, and experienced in undercover operations and surveillance projects. He has appeared before various levels of Courts and tribunals in the presentation of gathered evidence. Sean recently led his team in a high profile and public undercover fraud operations that resulted in numerous criminal charges, terminations and disciplinary actions. The investigation is recorded to have saved the client over $5 million.

He also has extensive retail and corporate investigation experience and is considered an expert in loss prevention, asset protection and theft and fraud. Sean is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer at corporate functions and has authored several articles for online publication. 


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Insurance Solutions

Investigative services for all Property & Casualty and Life & Health Disability Insurers.

Retail Solutions

We help to safeguard retailers and their assets and offer various compliance programs.

Corporate & Public Sector Solutions

Investigative services ranging from workplace investigations, employment screening, and labour dispute management.

Tactical Security

Trained Security personnel for a wide variety of situations.


Admissibility of Surveillance Evidence

A licensed private investigator is trained in investigative techniques and must understand the procedural steps required to be followed in order for video surveillance to be admissible.


Surveillance by Employers

Employers can conduct surveillance using tools such as a swipe-card system, which data can be used for time-management and disciplinary purposes, or cameras.


Protecting your Business against Fraud

I have seen first-hand how fraud can be harmful to a company’s reputation and brand.  Engaging in a fraud investigation is difficult and can erode the trust and morale of employees and raise questions and concerns to your outside relationships, customers, suppliers and even prospective employees.  That is why before engaging in any investigation, I will ensure that I explain to the client the investigation process, the potential scope and risks, and care is taken in planning the execution and timing of any investigation.