Workplace Investigations

We help you with business continuity and effective management of risk management through security personnel and security patrol; crowd management and surveillance

Labour Dispute Management

The Investigators Group and IGI Security help clients to minimize risks associated with Labour Disputes. We understand the importance of business continuity and effective management of risk and we offer a variety of support and assistance including:

  • security patrol
  • facility and asset protection
  • evidence gathering
  • video evidence

We will help you minimize disruption risk while you focus on maintaining business continuity.


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Grocery shoplifting on the rise in Canada amid inflation, and meat and dairy products are the top two stolen items.


Harassment in Sports

The recent unveiling of harassment and discrimination in sports is a cause of concern. The investigation into such allegations is an important part of determining how to resolve and manage these issues in the future.


How to Choose a Private Investigator Agency in Toronto

When choosing a private investigator, we encourage you to ask questions, ensure the agency has their credentials, are respectful and have the right experience.