What does a private investigator do?

A private investigator is a licenced individual who is employed by a licenced agency.  Private investigators are engaged to investigate legal, domestic, insurance and many other matters depending on the client’s needs. Private investigators can be tasked with anything from surveillance, to conducting background checks, to investigating workplace harassment complaints. The Investigators Group Inc. investigators are highly trained and have years of experience conducting investigations. The Investigators Group Inc prides itself in assigning high-quality investigators to each file.

How much does a private investigator cost?

The hourly fee for a private investigator can vary in range. Each client has a different set of needs depending on the file and the scope of work required for each investigation will vary. The Investigators Group Inc works closely with our clients to develop an investigation plan and will tailor each investigation to our client's requirements, including time and budget Contact The Investigators Group anytime for a free consultation to determine your investigation’s costs.

Can I hire a private investigator to follow someone?

Yes, a private investigator in Ontario can follow someone as long as they are following the law. Private Investigators are legally allowed to collect video and audio footage without the consent of the person they are following. Private investigators and private investigation agencies have to be licensed and have to follow privacy laws and regulations at all times.

Can a private investigator investigate workplace harassment complaints?

Yes. Private investigators can investigate workplace harassment complaints.  While you do not need to be a licensed private investigator to conduct a workplace harassment investigation, you should consider engaging a licensed private investigator. This is because licensed private investigators are specifically trained in conducting interviews and research. An experienced and well-trained investigator has real life training and experience conducting credibility assessments, observing body language and detecting bias and self-interest.  The Investigators Group Inc. team has been conducting investigations for over 28 years and our team has adapted to investigating multiple types of investigations ranging from sexual harassment, workplace harassment, discrimination and misconduct in a wide range of industries in both the private and public sector across Canada. 

Does a private investigator have to be licenced?

Yes. A private investigator has to be licenced. All licenced private investigators must have a valid licence which can be obtained in the province in which they conduct business.  A private investigator must pass a government-approved course and examination.  A private investigator must carry their license with them at all times and identify themselves when asked.

What is the advantage of a private investigator conducting an investigation verses a human resources employee or non specialist?

Imagine that there is an investigation where there are no witnesses and the investigator must rely on his/her skills to weigh each party’s credibility. Such credibility assessment will be critical in determining whether the alleged conduct has occurred. An experienced  private investigator will have practical, real-life experience in assessing credibility that is not learned through lectures, studying and learning legal theory.  The Investigators Group firm has investigators with both police and legal backgrounds. Our investigators are experienced at making credibility assessments and skilled in observation.

What factors should I consider when interviewing a private investigator?

Conducting any investigation should be a serious and confidential task and you should absolutely meet with (virtually or in person) the private investigator in advance to confirm that you are comfortable with him/her.  A successful investigation is based on trust between the private investigator and client.  When you meet your potential private investigator, in addition to asking for their credentials and resume, talk to them about how they intend to complete the investigation on time and the budget. Determine how challenges will be communicated to you as the client and what type of information and report you desire.




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