The Investigators Group has built our reputation on providing professional, reliable and experienced investigative and security services to our growing client group.

We are dedicated to achieving this mission through our team of professional investigators, dedicated support staff and through strategic alliances with industry partners, all of whom are specialists in their respective fields.

Are you working in the security and investigations sector?
Are you currently studying for a career in Law enforcement, Security or Investigative fields including customs and immigration?

The Investigators Group offers:

  • Relevant experience to complement study areas.
  • Experience working with local Police services.
  • Good remuneration and benefit packages.
  • Excellent opportunity for advancement.

Open Positions

In this role you display leadership in your judgment and ability to make effective decisions in effectively representing the Investigators Group and our client companies.You are involved in investigating and apprehending individuals involved in criminal activities in a retail environment.You effectively gather evidence and complete documentation to support required activities with local Police services.We are currently offering full and part time roles for both experienced and entry-level investigators.

Additional requirements:

  • Ability to work without supervision.
  • Have your own transportation.
  • Able to work evening and weekend shifts as required
  • Able to meet licensing requirements.

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Please Reference in the subject line: Retail investigator

In this role you represent the Investigators Group and our client companies in a professional manner.Your presence acts as a physical deterrent to individuals engaged in criminal activity.You effectively advise and communicate with members of the public, client staff and customers.

Additional requirements:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Have good communication skills
  • Able to work varied shifts (nights, evenings as required)
  • Able to work weekends & holidays
  • Able to travel to client sites
  • Meet licensing requirements

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Please Reference in the subject line: Uniform Security Guard

As part of our team of private investigators, you will conduct corporate and insurance surveillance investigations. You will be accountable for investigations to completion, including identifying issues, gathering information and writing clear and comprehensive reports. This opportunity will appeal to investigators who are capable of working both independently and within a team, and in a flexible work environment.

Additional requirements:

  • A minimum of 3-5 years’ field experience in surveillance investigation
  • A valid Ontario Private Investigator license and Driver’s license
  • Experience preparing well written, detailed reports
  • Able to meet timelines and have proven organizational skills
  • A basic, general knowledge of the criminal and civil code in Canada
  • Post-secondary education preferably a degree or diploma

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Please Reference in the subject line: Investigator (surveillance)


Admissibility of Surveillance Evidence

A licensed private investigator is trained in investigative techniques and must understand the procedural steps required to be followed in order for video surveillance to be admissible.


Surveillance by Employers

Employers can conduct surveillance using tools such as a swipe-card system, which data can be used for time-management and disciplinary purposes, or cameras.


Protecting your Business against Fraud

I have seen first-hand how fraud can be harmful to a company’s reputation and brand.  Engaging in a fraud investigation is difficult and can erode the trust and morale of employees and raise questions and concerns to your outside relationships, customers, suppliers and even prospective employees.  That is why before engaging in any investigation, I will ensure that I explain to the client the investigation process, the potential scope and risks, and care is taken in planning the execution and timing of any investigation.