Top 5 actions a Company should take in response to a reported violation in the workplace

Sean Gladney

Companies have great responsibilities with respect to health and safety in the workplace.  Here are the top 5 actions a company should take in response to a reported workplace violation:

  1. Take complaints seriously and demand compliance with the company’s policies, procedures and code of conduct.
  2. Do not penalize workers in reprisal for making a complaint or report, which would include reporting an incident of workplace harassment.
  3. Initiate an impartial and appropriate investigation. The scope of the investigation will depend on the circumstances of the complaint. 
  4. Keep in mind the company’s obligations under privacy laws and keep informed only those company personnel who should be informed.
  5. Prompt steps should be taken in response to problems to reduce the likelihood of future violations, including learning from any violations that do occur.

By Sean Gladney, Vice-President, The Investigators Group Inc. 
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